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Carol’s Story:

Carol Whipple retired from Arcadia Unified School District in June 2002. She and her husband, Rick, live on Balboa Island in California. They enjoy spending time with their children and 8 grandchildren when they are not realizing their dreams of seeing the world. Stories from their travels and Carol’s experience as an elementary school counselor make her the “perfect” grandmother!

In the mid 1980's Carol developed an Elementary Counseling Program that grew to include all six elementary schools in Arcadia. In addition to providing one-on-one counseling for children, the program included parent and teacher workshop, class lessons for all grades, and referral services. Children were welcome to walk into the counseling offices at any time just to talk. They could set up their own appointments to talk to Carol or the other counselors. Parents and teachers referred individual students or small groups who needed time to talk with a caring adult.

Parents and teachers were always welcome to discuss concerns, and Carol could always empower them with ideas, resources, and referrals.

Leadership 2020 is honored to have Carol’s expertise “only a click or a phone call away.” As an Associate she would love to work with parents, teachers, and administrators who might benefit from her experience.

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