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2020 Bookshelf:

Parents and teachers never seem to have enough time to read. Leadership 2020 consultants are trying to come up with ways we can all keep up with the vast pool of information about children, leadership, and learning that is available today.

As the 2020 Bookshelf evolves, you will find short book reviews and summaries that will help you apply some of the techniques developed by leaders in our field. There’s an old saying that “children don’t come with instruction books.” That’s really not true anymore with the technology available to scientists and educators. The problem now is that there is sometimes too much information and too many experts. What we don’t have anymore is the time to process the insights and wisdom available to us.

Through our Bookshelf and Discussion Group, Leadership 2020 consultants hope to help parents and teachers reflect on their own experiences, connect with their own inner wisdom, and reach out and share what they discover with others.

BOOKS: Alphabetical By Author:

Mansell, Susan. How to Give Your Child an Excellent Public School Education.

  • Although this book was written for parents, it is also a helpful guide for educators as they strive to find ways to involve parents and caregivers in school activities and programs.



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