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Current Projects

Learning to Write / Writing to Learn: New Models for Excellence


“I HATE to write!!!”

That’s what Emily wrote on her first book report. “I love to read. . . . but I HATE TO WRITE!!!”

By the end of the year she was trying to decide whether she wanted to become a poet or a playwright.

What happened?

Emily discovered that writing is a natural human process – as natural as thinking – and that when one has learned a few simple tools and understands some basic concepts, writing is fun and rewarding.

Learning to Write / Writing to Learn will help you unlock that potential in your students while reducing the stress inherent in “the old way” of teaching writing. Not only will your students, regardless of age, actually enjoy responding to the books they read, their writing scores will improve !

In addition to half and whole day workshops, Leadership 2020 offers a year-long program tailored to fit the unique needs of your school. After an introductory session for teachers, individual classroom sessions are scheduled to model the strategies presented in the workshop and to help teachers with implementation. E-mail and telephone conferences between sessions support teachers as they implement the strategies.


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